Stop cybercriminals in their tracks with Unit 42 Incident Response Services

Staying ahead of the rapidly evolving threat landscape requires elite cybersecurity expertise, global response capability and constant innovation

Unit 42 consultants have unparalleled experience confronting real-world threats. Our trusted advisors develop and implement cybersecurity programs for global organizations every day and deliver actionable findings to significantly mitigate cyber risk.

From rogue insiders to nation-state threats, Unit 42 performs investigations to limit damage and get you back to business quickly. Our incident response teams deploy faster, hunt smarter, investigate deeper and contain completely.

Unit 42 integrates cloud native computing and machine learning to respond at enterprise scale in minutes. We use the latest digital forensics techniques to gather insight into an incident, put a stop to it and gather evidence.

We serve as your trusted security advisor before, during and after a breach.How can Unit 42 help?
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How We Can Help You

Our approach to incident response services


Ransomware attack

Unit 42 helps organizations recover from ransomware attacks. When your files and applications are inaccessible, turn to Unit 42 to investigate and respond, so you can restore operations quickly and efficiently.


Business email compromise

Unauthorized access to your email systems can wreak havoc. When your organization is a victim of business email compromise, Unit 42 can contain the breach, investigate, and develop and implement a strategic recovery plan.
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Web application attack

If you suspect your web application has been compromised, Unit 42 can help contain the incident, mitigate losses, investigate and implement safeguards to protect against future attacks.


Credit card data breach response

Credit card data breaches impact small merchants and international retailers alike. Our experienced team understands how to help your organization respond and recover.
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Nation-state attacks

Responding to advanced persistent threats takes deep knowledge of attacker tactics, techniques and procedures. Our hands-on experience and advanced technology platform allow our experts to respond quickly at enterprise scale.


Data exposure and misconfiguration

Uncontrolled vulnerabilities and simple misconfiguration mistakes can leave internet-connected applications and data exposed. Unit 42 experts can assess and secure your network to eliminate data exposure.
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