Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR)

The Operating System for Enterprise Security

Coordinate security product actions through automatable workflows with human control

Understaffed security teams struggle to follow standard processes in the face of rising alert volumes and product proliferation. Demisto and SOAR have emerged to fill in these industry gaps and help your analysts breathe a little easier.

Demisto Security Orchestration

Respond to incidents with speed and scale

Demisto’s orchestration enables security teams to ingest alerts across sources and execute standardized, automatable playbooks for accelerated incident response. Demisto’s playbooks are powered by 100s of integrations and 1000s of security actions, striking the right balance between rapid machine execution and nuanced human oversight.

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Standardize security processes across products and teams

Demisto’s incident management facilitates standardized response for high-quantity attacks while also helping your teams adapt to sophisticated, one-off attacks. Multi-source data ingestion, six focused incident views, fully customizable summaries and fields, and widget-based dashboards and reports ensure that analysts have complete visibility across the incident lifecycle.

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Improve investigation quality by working together

Demisto’s playbooks are complemented by real-time investigation capabilities so that your teams can rapidly iterate to solve emergent threats. Each incident in Demisto has a War Room view, which is a shared collaborative workspace where analysts can chat with each other, run commands in real-time, and have all their actions documented for future learning.

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Get smarter with every security incident

Demisto’s machine learning capabilities increase responder productivity, accelerate playbook development, and enable leaner, more efficient security operations. DBot learns from incident, indicator, and analyst data and provides personalized insights such as analyst assignment to incidents, commonly run security commands, playbook task inputs, and related incident maps.

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Some popular SOAR use cases

Phishing enrichment and response

Demisto phishing playbooks ingest alerts from email inboxes and coordinate actions across threat intelligence tools, sandboxes, EDR solutions, and more for repeatable and accurate response.

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Threat hunting

Demisto threat hunting playbooks can be scheduled to run at pre-determined intervals, rapidly scanning for threats in your environment after ingesting external threat feeds or following up on existing incidents.

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IOC enrichment

Demisto playbooks can automate enrichment of indicators by querying different threat intelligence tools for context and presenting the results to your analysts, thus shaving off lost time that can be used towards proactive investigation.

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Incident severity assignment

Demisto playbooks can automatically assign severity to incidents by checking parameters relevant to your organization. By reconciling threat scores from other products, checking indicator scores, and verifying the criticality of affected endpoints and users, these playbooks ensure that your analysts see the incidents that need to be seen.

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