Making Zero Trust actionable

Develop a holistic Zero Trust plan that is capable of supporting and protecting the business of government.

Secure the way forward

Deliver academic freedom while preventing successful cyberattacks.

Zero Trust

Rebuild and simplify security. Reduce risk and complexity. Zero Trust with zero nonsense.

Get cloud-powered cybersecurity for education

Palo Alto Networks, Internet2 and the NET+ program are helping institutions defend the users, applications and networks that power today’s campuses.

Enable secure remote learning and working

Enables institutions to deliver modern, flexible, policy-driven remote access experiences at scale - any user, any application, any device and any network.

Secure campus workloads in the cloud

Drives simplified and integrated security across cloud and SaaS workloads, helping institutions enable the next generation of collaboration-focused higher ed.

Protect the mission against emerging threats

Correlates and contextualizes threat data across endpoint, network and cloud sources so threats are discovered and stopped much earlier in the threat lifecycle.

Make security modernization easier

Combines context-driven risk analysis and easily scaled automation to help institutions detect and respond to threats faster and more effectively.

Accelerating the Zero Trust journey in higher education

Trust nothing. Validate everything. By embracing a Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity, higher education institutions can reduce risk, simplify their infrastructure and lower operational costs.

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Find out how to make Zero Trust actionable in higher education.
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Hear from our customers

See how Palo Alto Networks has helped higher education customers deliver academic
freedom while preventing successful cyberattacks.

See how Palo Alto Networks embarked on its Zero Trust approach

The Palo Alto Networks journey to Zero Trust demonstrates the art of the possible.
Through automation, we’ve been able to achieve a 10-second mean time to detection and a one-minute mean time to respond to high-priority alerts.

Discover new ways to stay protected

Secure your esports environment

Find out how to safely integrate gaming consoles and streaming devices.

Protect critical research and IP

Safeguard proprietary data without restricting network access.

Understand cyber trends in education

Listen as experts from Palo Alto Networks address new challenges and cyber trends that schools and universities now face – from extending classrooms to students’ and teachers’ homes to maintaining business operations across staff, students and parents.

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