Leveraging DevSecOps to secure cloud native applications
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Analyst firm ESG conducted a research survey to gain insight into the current and future processes involved in securing cloud native applications, the challenges that arise when securing cloud native applications and the product requirements companies will demand as they continue to secure more cloud native applications.

The findings indicate that the rapid adoption of cloud native technologies is pushing more organizations toward a DevSecOps model and tools that automate security via CI/CD integration.
Protect your cloud native applications wherever they run
Prisma Cloud is the only security platform you need to protect your cloud native environments, including hosts, containers and serverless applications, against vulnerabilities and active threats – using automated machine-learning to build 4D models of known good application behaviors.
2019 Gartner Market Guide for cloud workload protection platforms
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Security for your containers and serverless apps
Build and deploy cloud native applications securely
Unmatched vulnerability detection, prevention at every stage of the application lifecycle.
Easily implement and maintain compliance for the Docker, Kubernetes, Linux and AWS CIS Benchmarks.
Machine learning that automatically creates least-privilege, whitelist-based runtime models for every version of every app.
Core L4 and web app firewalling purpose-built for cloud native applications.
Integrate security directly into the CI process to find and fix problems before they make it to production.
Establish access control measures for cloud workloads and cloud native apps across underlying hosts, Docker and Kubernetes.
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