Integrate security into your CI/CD workflow
DevOps teams are challenged to deliver solutions as fast as possible, without compromising on security, compliance and quality of code. Prisma Cloud’s powerful CI/CD capabilities allow developers to see vulnerability status every time they run a build, without having to run a separate tool. And security teams can set policies that act as quality control gates.
Shift left for a more modern security approach
DevSecOps introduces a security-focused mindset and best practices into traditional DevOps processes. Security decisions become an integral part of the workflow without sacrificing speed or slowing down development.
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Integrate security into every build
Integrate security into any existing build and deployment process using native plugins for CI/CD tools like Jenkins.
Set thresholds for security and compliance, in the build — like HIPAA, PCI, and CIS benchmarks.
Make security part of the build with granular policies that give you precise control over every CI/CD job.
Enforce specific requirements, such as “in the build for my payment app, block any build impacted by a CVE with a medium or higher CVSS rating.”
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Prisma Cloud empowers DevSecOps to prevent vulnerable code from ever reaching production.
Powerful intelligence Prisma Cloud aggregates vulnerability information directly from 30+ upstream projects, commercial sources and proprietary research.
Defense in layers We provide visibility across all layers of your stack – not just the base layer of your images, but also the frameworks that you use within them.
Total visibility Prisma Cloud surfaces scan results in both your native development tools and within the UI.