Prevent cyberattacks with innovative apps

The latest cybersecurity innovations, ready right now

Gain immediate security value from apps developed by Palo Alto Networks®, an open ecosystem of trusted innovators, or your own team. Spend more time benefiting from these innovations – and less time provisioning and managing infrastructure – with the Application Framework from Palo Alto Networks.

Put security innovations to work sooner and with less effort

Cybersecurity innovations come from many sources – and great ideas should be shared. With the Application Framework, you can use apps from the best and the brightest in the cybersecurity industry right away, so you can stay a step ahead of attackers.


Get more insights from your security data

Harness a wealth of threat and log data for analytics and enforcement. Apps gain access to data organized for analytics – across the cloud, network and endpoint. Information is specific to your environment or sourced from a global community of users, maintaining privacy while delivering value from shared intelligence.


Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform

Use innovative apps from an open developer ecosystem

The number of security companies and products is overwhelming. Apps enable you to narrow the search for capabilities that deliver security value and enhance your existing environment. The developer ecosystem is open, allowing the community to continuously solve new security use cases. And developers save time by rapidly building apps with framework services, including a SDK and APIs. You can get started building the next great app with resources for developers

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Realize the power of Application Framework with apps

The framework will feature apps developed by security providers, including an ecosystem of more than 30 leading organizations, such as

Palo Alto Networks Apps

Magnifier™ behavioral analytics, the first app for Application Framework. Magnifier enables teams to rapidly hunt down and stop threats with behavioral analytics and machine learning. The app accurately identifies targeted attacks, malicious insiders and compromised endpoints.

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Logging Service makes it easy to get the logging scale you need and use your log data for innovative applications, so you can maximize the value of your security infrastructure. The cloud-based Logging Service offers an economical way to store large amounts of data, with no additional infrastructure.

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AutoFocus™ threat intelligence service provides the attribution, context and classification to make security analyst teams more effective. Teams gain understanding of who is attacking them and with what tools, along with granular threat intelligence to speed up response efforts.

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Traps™ management service, a cloud-delivered endpoint security service, simplifies deployment and day-to-day management of endpoint protection. Deployment is simple and fast, requiring no server licenses, databases or other infrastructure to get started.

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