Unleashing Innovation

Safeguarding organizations’ networks requires rapidly adopting innovative new security technology with the same scale, leverage and agility employed by the adversary. Current approaches put a high burden on network defenders, who continue to struggle with evaluating, deploying and operationalizing siloed capabilities from multiple providers. The result has limited security outcomes with fragmented workflows, redundant infrastructure and a lack correlation of data across different systems. We must unleash a fundamentally new way to create, deliver and consume innovative new security products from any provider, without additional complexity or infrastructure.

The Application Framework

With the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework, we are ushering in the future of security innovation, reinventing how customers rapidly access, evaluate and adopt the most compelling new security technologies as an extension of the Next-Generation Security Platform they already own and operate. The all-new framework is a culmination of over a decade of security disruption, providing customers with superior security through compelling cloud-based apps developed by Palo Alto Networks and today’s most innovative security providers, large and small.

The Palo Alto Networks Application Framework comprises


enabling Palo Alto Networks, third-party developers, MSSPs and customers to rapidly build and deliver innovative cloud-based security services through a suite of cloud APIs, services, compute and native access to customer-specific data stores.

Customer-specific data store

powered by the Palo Alto Networks Logging Service, provides apps with an immediate advantage through the richness and scale of customer data available across the entire Palo Alto Networks platform.


delivered from the cloud to extend the capabilities of the platform, including the ability to effortlessly collaborate between different apps, share threat context and intelligence, and drive automated response and enforcement.


Application Framework Architecture

App Partners

The framework will feature apps developed by security providers of all sizes, including over 30 leading organizations, such as:

Palo Alto Networks Apps

In addition to apps from third-party developers, Palo Alto Networks is delivering compelling cloud-based security services with the initial release, including

AutoFocus™ contextual threat intelligence service

for malware analytics and hunting tools for SOC teams and security professionals.

MineMeld™ threat intelligence syndication engine

performing automated threat intelligence aggregation from third-party sources of intelligence, and syndicating indicators to enforcement points for automated action, automatically searching log data for evidence of compromise.

Magnifier Behavioral Analytics

applying innovative user behavior analytics to enhanced log data collected by next-generation firewalls and endpoints to discover malicious activity inside the network.


analyzes device configuration and log data to make recommendations on firewall policy improvements.

New Consumption Model for Security
The Palo Alto Networks Application Framework unleashes a SaaS-based consumption model, allowing customers to dynamically engage apps to solve a nearly endless number of the most challenging security use cases with the best technology available, without the cost and operational burden of deploying new infrastructure for each security technology they choose to embrace.

Driving Entrepreneurship
Palo Alto Networks is also creating a venture fund in partnership with Greylock Partners and Sequoia Capital, helping spur developers and entrepreneurs to create compelling new security applications for the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework. The Palo Alto Networks Venture Fund will provide the capital and tools to fuel the growth of seed-, early- and growth-stage security companies. We welcome you to apply for funding now.

The Future of Cybersecurity

The Palo Alto Networks Application Framework empowers customers to consume the newest cloud-delivered security services capable of automating a nearly endless number of security use cases by leveraging the proven sensors, data store and prevention infrastructure they already have in place across the network with the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform. The framework unleashes innovative capabilities from Palo Alto Networks, third-party developers and customers, driving better security outcomes for the network defender.

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