There are many resources, both public and commercial, that collect information about current trends in online attacks. This “threat intelligence” can make it easier for security teams to prioritize their defense efforts and prepare for online exploits that are likely to hit their organizations. In this webinar, experts will discuss strategies for collecting and analyzing threat intelligence to inform your cyber defense practices. You’ll also learn how to integrate threat intelligence with your defense and incident response initiatives so that your IT security team can build processes and automated systems that speed the detection and mitigation of sophisticated online threats.

Attend this webinar and you'll:

  • Be better equipped to assess the quality of threat intel feeds, as well as your organization's need for more (or fewer) feeds.

  • Uncover tips and tricks for dealing with the overwhelming volumes of data often associated with threat intel.

  • Learn ways to integrate threat intel data with other SOC systems and processes.

  • Improve your organization's defenses and security posture.