View this on-Demand webcast where we'll share a snapshot of changes in the attack lifecycle and real threat data from 2,400+ networks contributing to the WildFire® intelligence cloud. You will also learn how WildFire applies a closed-loop approach to cybersecurity: detecting and preventing unknown threats across all common file types, including Android APKs, irrespective of port, protocol or encryption.

This webcast and Q&A features:

  • Key findings from our latest threat research that shows what threats traditional IPS, AV, and single-purpose sandbox solutions are leaving on the table.
  • Specific recommendations for optimizing the cyberattack kill-chain to prevent both known and unknown threats.
  • The latest threat prevention updates in PAN-OS 6.0 and WildFire and how these new tools can empower your security team - extending visibility and providing a unique, closed loop approach to controlling known and unknown cyberthreats.

Speaker: Scott Simkin
Scott is a Senior Cyber Analyst at Palo Alto Networks focused on understanding the discovery of and defense against advanced threats.