Customer Support Plan



Entitlement: Support is available to you for registered devices with active support licenses.

Registration: Register your device and create an account online at: Enter the serial number of your Palo Alto Networks firewall and customer account number from your Order Summary. Entitlement will be verified and your Support Portal access will be available for online services. Once your account is created, you can either add additional users from your company or have your users self-register. You will be able to manage your firewalls by:

  • Activating license subscriptions
  • Monitoring expiration dates
  • Controlling device visibility to other users

Additionally, you have the option to be a member of many accounts if you manage devices for other companies.

Getting Support: Once registered, the following options are available:

  • Online Support Resources - Solve your questions online using our knowledgebase and user discussion forums.
  • License Keys and Upgrades - Activate license keys and download the latest software updates, App-IDs, threat, and anti-virus protection.
  • Online Case Management - Create, update, and manage all your cases directly online. Authorized Support Centers providing "Premium Partner Support," may submit online cases on behalf of their customers



Palo Alto Networks online services offer you time-saving tools to solve problems, answer questions, and improve knowledge and capability.

  • KnowledgeBase - Search solutions and technical documents describing common problems and steps to resolve them.
  • KnowledgePoint - Find answers, exchange information, and share experiences with your technical peers.
  • DevCenter - The online community shares ideas and custom content as well as tools to create it. All do-it-yourself types are welcome!
  • Create and Track a Case - Create support cases, add comments, and view your status updates 24 hours a day.
  • Software and Dynamic Updates - Find software updates for all of your Palo Alto Networks products and get the latest Application and Content-IDs.
  • Applipedia and Threat Database - Verify App-IDs, vulnerabilities, and spyware covered by your Palo Alto Networks firewall.
  • Documentation and Announcements - Updated product documentation, announcements, release notes, and alerts are posted regularly online for downloading and printing.



  • Create a case online (RECOMMENDED) at Include your Palo Alto Networks firewall serial number, problem description, severity, and attach relevant files and screenshots. When you submit your case, you will be offered a selection of articles, which may resolve your issue. If not, your case will be assigned to an engineer who will either contact you by phone or an email generated by comments added to your case. Your email replies will automatically append to the case. You may check the status of your case and provide comments at any time online.

  • Call Support for Severity 1 (Network Down) issues. We recommend creating a case online and referring to the case number when calling. Please refer to Product Support phone numbers.


Support Entitlement

Focused Services*

Premium Support

Standard Support+

Business Hours Availability

Mon – Fri, 7am–6pm PT

After Hours Availability

Yes – 24x7x365

Yes – 24x7x365


Designated Technical Support Engineer Yes, Plus and Elite No No
Services Account Manager Yes No No
Advance Replacement - 4 Hour Parts Delivery Yes, Optional Add-on** Yes, Optional Add-on** No
Advance Replacement - Next Business Day Delivery *** Yes Yes No
Return and Repair Hardware Replacement No No Yes
Initial Response Times      
Severity 1 - Critical < 1 Hour < 1 Hour < 1 Business Hour
Severity 2 - High 2 Hours 2 Hours 2 Business Hours
Severity 3 - Medium 4 Hours 4 Hours 4 Business Hours
Severity 4 - Low 8 Business Hours 8 Business Hours 8 Business Hours

+ Standard Support is not available outside of the US.

* Requires purchase of Premium Support on all covered devices.

** This support option is available only for Hardware located within a specified range of a Palo Alto Networks service location. It includes all the benefits of Premium Support or Focused Services (as applicable) plus commercially reasonable best efforts by Palo Alto Networks to deliver replacement Hardware to you within four hours from the issuance of an RMA.

*** Next Business Day Delivery Service is subject to certain limitations. Please see RMA Process Policy ( for details.

Target  Follow-up Times

Severity 1 – Critical: Every 4 hours until resolved or a workaround is in place.
Severity 2 – High: Every business day until resolved or a workaround is in place.
Severity 3 – Medium: Every 3 business days until resolved.
Severity 4 - Low: Once per business week until resolved.

Severity Definitions

Severity 1 – Critical: Product is down and critically affects customer production environment.  No workaround yet available.
Severity 2 – High: Product is impaired and customer production is up but impacted.  No workaround yet available.
Severity 3 – Medium: A product function has failed and customer production is not affected.  Support is aware of the issue and there is a workaround available.
Severity 4 – Low: Product function is not impaired and no impact to customer business.  Includes feature, information, documentation, how-to and Enhancement requests from the customer.


  • Escalate your case online if you require higher priority attention and response time from the assigned engineer.
  • For critical escalations, update the case online and call support and ask to speak to the engineer or a Duty Manager. Please refer to Product Support phone numbers.

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