Colleges and universities are being pressured to:

•   Provide unrestricted, high-bandwidth access and appropriate services to faculty, students, administration, vendors and guests.

•   Re-architect networks and data centers to improve efficiency and reliability while anticipating varied user types, unknown devices and new applications.

•   Secure sensitive research, valuable intellectual property, student, alumni and faculty information against both mundane and targeted attacks.

•   Safely enable cloud, SaaS, social media and peer-to-peer usage.

What We Do

•  Secure user, application and internet access in a way that enables – rather than hinders – the needs of the college or university user.

•  Secure campus WiFi, BYOD, labs and academic research, and student/alumni/faculty PII with less overhead.

•  Enable secure cross-department and external collaboration, data center consolidation, virtualization, and cloud projects.

•  Unify security policy and enforcement capabilities across the Internet edge, data center, mobile devices and endpoints within the network and campus.

•  Ensure a high quality of service for priority services and applications, allocating bandwidth usage based on application, user, content, or a combination of the three.

•  Accelerate campus-wide administration and forensics.

•  Protect your Microsoft infrastructure and other learning environments from cyberthreats – from endpoints to your network to the cloud.

How We Are Different

•  Prevent unknown, targeted and other attacks more quickly with automatically deployed updates on the latest threats.

•  Reduce risk with Zero Trust network segments that allow access for approved applications and users, rather than ports and IP addresses.

•  Centralize management across campus security appliances and key security functions.

•  Offer secure access by user and application rather than ports, protocols and IP addresses: application visibility identifies thousands of applications; user visibility identifies users and integrates with your user directory.

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