McLean County Unit School District No. 5

Schools Face Numerous Security Challenges

•  Meet academic needs for internet connectivity while minimizing cyber risks.

•  Protect student and staff information.

•  Secure district data centers and cloud resources while meeting demanding performance and availability requirements.

•  Protect a plethora of devices and operating systems with limited IT resources.

•  Enforce various security policies – for students, teachers, guests, and administrators – across a large or geographically distributed school district.

What We Do

•  Protect networks, students, and data by automatically detecting, analyzing and preventing known and zero-day threats.

•  Ensure appropriate access to web content for a variety of users, with customizable security permissions and access privileges.

•  Offer IT teams application visibility by identifying thousands of applications, and user visibility by integrating with user directories.

•  Protect student and staff information with Zero Trust network segments that allow access for only approved applications and users, rather than ports and IP addresses.

•  Secure newly deployed technologies, including cloud, mobile, online course delivery, virtualization and more.

•  Comply with data protection and student protection regulations.

•  Customize data center access across school districts, campuses and administration offices.

•  Ensure a high quality of service for priority services and applications.

How We Are Different

•  Provide better visibility and control of applications, users and content.

•  Reduce operations cost and complexity by eliminating point security products and centralizing security control and management.

•  Reduce cyber risk through cohesive and correlated security across cloud, network, devices and content.

•  Reduce risk and simplify compliance reporting.

•  Reduce time to threat prevention, including against advanced attacks.

NASPO ValuePoint Cooperative Purchasing Organization

U.S. state, local, and education customers can purchase Palo Alto Networks security solutions through the NASPO ValuePoint Cooperative Purchasing Organization (formerly WSCA-NASPO).

Learn more about how NASPO can simplify your purchasing.

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Located in British Columbia, Canada, the School District of Chilliwack is a learning community of over 13,000 students, served by 2,300 teachers and support staff. The district’s diverse programs include 37 elementary, middle and secondary neighborhood schools as well as alternate and distance learning programs. “Before Palo Alto Networks we’d block certain ports and students would find ways around it. Matching a user name and IP address with Active Directory is so helpful. Palo Alto Networks firewalls are multi-faceted application-based firewalls that effectively control applications."

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