Learn why PAN-OS® 7.1 is important to the Oil & Gas industry.

Who We Are

Oil and gas is one of the most targeted industrial sectors with threat actors ranging from criminals to nation-states to hacktivists. Key security challenges include:

  • Expanded perimeter with the supply chain integration
  • Adoption of more capable but riskier technologies for mobility,
    SaaS and virtualization
  • Rise of advanced persistent threats (APTs)
  • Potential loss of production, safety/health/environmental issues, and data exfiltration

What We Do

  • We deliver a complete security platform that addresses all the challenges of securing oil and gas IT and operational networks through several core capabilities:
  • Unrivaled network traffic visibility via deep packet inspection of ICS protocols and applications, user profiles, and content/threats.
  • Zero Trust network segmentation with role-based controls that support ICS-specific standards and regulations, with extensibility to mobile and virtual domains.
  • Protection of vulnerable automation systems from known and zero-day threats via network AV/IPS, sandboxing and endpoint security.
  • How We Are Different

    • The components of our platform – next-generation firewall, threat intelligence cloud, advanced endpoint security – collaborate in an integrated and automated fashion to prevent cyberattacks.
    • Unique single-pass, parallel processing engine (SP3) delivers unrivaled Layer 7 classification performance, native correlation of data, and ease of use/management.
    • Traps advanced endpoint protection protects unpatched systems from zero-day attacks using a novel approach that stops exploit techniques.
    • Threat Intelligence Cloud automates the analysis of threats and sharing of intelligence with the network and endpoints.
    • Advanced API allows for integration and automation with other security and analytics product.

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