Executive & Board Advisory

Mature your security program and demonstrate security status to your executives and board

With the exploding costs and frequency of data breaches, cybersecurity has become a top priority for boards of directors and the C-suite. We work with organization leaders to assess cyber resilience, improve defenses and prepare their organizations for potential cyberattacks.

Your trusted advisor

Strengthen your security posture and augment your team with Unit 42

Partners, auditors and board members increasingly need assurance their organizations have implemented effective security measures. Our Executive & Board Advisory services help you evaluate your processes and controls, build a strategic risk mitigation plan, and demonstrate your cyber resilience.


Security Program Design

Design governance frameworks, operational models and roadmap for InfoSec program, including policies and standards, control framework and defense in depth strategy.

Virtual CISO

An interim, or part-time CISO assigned to identify cyber risk and develop and mature the infosec program. Create a cybersecurity strategy and work with IT, Security and Executive team to answer questions about the company’s security posture.

Ransomware Readiness Assessment

A Ransomware Readiness Assessment documents company readiness to the board by identifying any gaps in people, process, and technology, and adjusting playbooks before a ransomware attack happens.

BEC Readiness Assessment

Perform a targeted cybersecurity risk assessment focused on all of the controls necessary to defend against business email compromise and other email-based attacks.

Board of Directors Security Strategy Review

A targeted assessment and deep-dive review of your organization’s current information security program help you identify cyber risk. Our Unit 42 experts will create a current state profile and help you build a clear security strategy to share with your executive leaders and board.

M&A Cyber Due Diligence

Assess people, process, and technology to identify potential red flags, highlight hidden cybersecurity risks, and obtain an independent assessment of overall information security program maturity in context of a merger or acquisition.

Cybersecurity Expertise Retainer

When it comes to a security breach, time works against you. Delays can lead to more damage and losses. Having a retainer agreement in place with a trusted security advisor accelerates your ability to recover and resume normal business operations after an attack. Our incident response retainer is custom-built to fit your organization's needs.