Breach Readiness Review

With cybersecurity breaches, it is often not a matter of if an attack will occur, but when. A breach can result in devastating costs, loss of intellectual property and a tarnished reputation. You can mitigate the impact by responding swiftly to limit the damage.

Be prepared when an attack strikes

A Breach Readiness Review will help you respond quickly and effectively to a breach by:
  • Providing actionable recommendations to improve your response processes
  • Reviewing and identifying gaps in your incident response program
  • Assessing the effectiveness of your security capabilities and tools
  • Recommending efficient, accurate ways to monitor and alert on security events across your environment


Our thorough analysis and insights will prepare you for the worst attacks

Unparalleled experience

Unparalleled experience

Hailing from U.S. government agencies and global security firms, our consultants have handled some of history’s largest data breaches. Our services are informed by their decades of cumulative experience on the front lines, helping security leaders stay level-headed while responding to complex attacks.

Consultative approach

Our consultants start by observing your organization’s current security and logging capabilities as well as your incident response plans. We’ll work with you to recommend enhancements that offer the best return on investment in terms of risk reduction. We deliver our services on time and on budget.

Consultative approach
In-depth security knowledge

In-depth security knowledge

Mitigating threats requires the best detection and response technology, and this technology must be deployed and configured correctly. Our team can review your security tools from any vendor, identify weaknesses, and suggest policy updates and security enhancements that can bolster your defenses.

Achieve breach readiness and strengthen defenses

Achieve breach readiness and strengthen defenses

  • Mature your incident response plan

  • Assess your playbooks and detection and response capabilities

  • Learn best practices from incident response experts

  • Train staff on roles and responsibilities during a breach