Cloud Incident Response

Accelerate your investigation, response and recovery. As cloud adoption grows, even simple mistakes lead to outsized impact. With Unit 42TM, you will take advantage of digital forensics and response methods specifically designed for cloud-based incidents.

Identify and eradicate cloud-specific threats.

Remediate complex cloud incidents faster with a team that understands the differences between traditional Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) and Cloud DFIR. You will minimize the need to hire hard-to-find cloud experts and have confidence moving to the cloud with the security, stability and business continuity your organization demands.


A dynamic approach to securing the cloud


Define engagement scope

Assess the breadth, severity and nature of the security incident.


Fully understand the incident

Utilize advanced tools for evidence collection, detection and analysis, to provide visibility into the threat actor methods.


Contain and eradicate

Remove the threat with custom eradication strategies and 24/7 monitoring against new malicious activity.


Gain insights

Obtain a detailed investigation report and help implementing additional security controls while you get back on your feet.


Improve your security posture

Use lessons learned and apply specific improvements to your security approach to protect against future and similar attacks.

Threat Intelligence

World-renowned security experts, always in your corner

As an industry-leading threat intelligence, cyber risk management and incident response organization, it's our job to help you prepare and respond to some of the most challenging threats so that your team can get back to business faster. As threats escalate, we act as your trusted partner to advise and strengthen your security strategies.

LAPSUS$ Cloud Incident Response Case Study

Threat Informed Incident Response

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Lapsus$ Cloud Incident Response Case Study


Unit 42 Retainer


Get immediate IR support

If you have been breached or have an urgent matter, please call the Unit 42 Incident Response team or fill out the form to get in touch immediately.
  • North America Toll-Free: +1.866.486.4842 (+1.866.4.UNIT42)
  • UK: +44.20.3743.3660
  • EMEA: +
  • APAC: +65.6983.8730
  • Japan: +81.50.1790.0200

If you have cyber insurance or legal counsel, you can request Unit 42 to serve as your Incident Response team. Unit 42 is on over 70 cyber insurance panels as a preferred vendor.
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