Cybersecurity Now Top of Mind Around the World and Network Security is Taking Center Stage

Feb 15, 2013
3 minutes

It’s no surprise that in the wake of the rapid increase in cyber attacks, governments around the world are moving towards strengthening their cyber security, and even taking steps to mandate better collaboration on security issues between the private and public sectors. Here is a sample of the most recent initiatives:

  1. US – Feb-2013: Obama Orders Cybersecurity Standards for Infrastructure
  2. European Union – Feb-2013: EU Unveils New Cybersecurity Policy
  3. ItalyJan-2013: Italian Government Approves Cybersecurity Measures to beef up strengthen online security and protect critical infrastructure from increasing cyber assaults
  4. India – Jan-2013: India Developing National Cybersecurity Architecture. India is in the midst of developing a national cybersecurity architecture aimed at preventing sabotage and espionage of its core IT systems and networks
  5. Australia Jan-2013: Australia toughens stance on cybersecurity
  6. Russia – Jan-2013: The Russian Federal Security Service gets empowered to create a state system for the detection, prevention and liquidation of the effects of computer attacks on the information resources of the Russian Federation

There are important common factors in all the above:

  • First, a global appeal for stronger collaboration between the public and private sectors to share intelligence on cyber attacks. Under existing EU rules, telecommunication companies are already required to report significant security incidents. Wade Williamson, one of our in-house experts on cyber threats recently wrote in this blog about “Combating Emerging Threats Through Security Collaboration
  • Secondly, a shared understanding that the global economy is highly dependent on critical infrastructure that might not be as secure as initially thought. For example, the U.S. executive order specifically mentions power grids, pipelines and water systems.
  • Finally, full awareness that much of the critical infrastructure supporting a thriving, modern economy relies on a set of interconnected networks and systems that must be closely monitored and protected. The proposed European directive calls out the need for resilient, safe, and stable networks and systems.

One takeaway for our customers is that network security is being more systematically called out in cybersecurity discussions worldwide and is even taking center stage. Some analysts have commented that network security will remain the largest cybersecurity submarket for the next 10 years.

Why? Even as SaaS applications, social networking, mobile devices, or cloud-based computing become mainstream and push the limit of the traditional enterprise perimeter, the network and the firewalls remain the one place where organizations in both the public and private sectors can see all traffic and actually enforce security policy.

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