Aardman Animations Illustrates Visibility Benefits of Using NGFW

Jun 27, 2013
1 minutes

Aardman Animations, from Bristol, England, has a reputation as a world leader in model animation. Their award-winning work leads the field producing a unique brand of independent film, like Wallace & Gromit, alongside work for broadcast and advertising spots.

In the video below, Howard Arnault-Ham, Head of IT for Aardman Animations, talks about the switch from a traditional firewall to a Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall, a surprisingly easy switch that provided his team with visibility into potential threats on its network.

With an open approach to IT, and in the nature of his business, Aardman is host to many freelancers and contractors that plug into their network. They needed a way to safely enable applications for them while having control over the network. With the Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall, Howard and his team were able to gain visibility into network traffic based on applications, users and content, all the while allowing them freedom of use.

Now, hear about the experience directly from Howard:

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