Meet Palo Alto Networks CSO Rick Howard at RSA!

Feb 21, 2014
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Rick Howard, Palo Alto Networks Chief Security Officer, is scheduled to speak several times during RSA 2014 next week – a key part of our overall Palo Alto Networks presence at the conference.

Watch as Rick explains some of the sessions he’s leading in this short video, and see below for a list of Rick’s presentations– where and when to find him.


Cybersecurity Canon: You Should Have Read These Books By Now

Monday, February 24
1:55pm-2:15pm, Moscone West, Room 3012

Rick will highlight his picks for the Cybersecurity Canon, which we’ve been discussing over the last few weeks as fiction and nonfiction books that have been hugely influential and captured the cybersecurity culture.

Delinquent - Thief - Spy - Hero: The Evolution of Movie Hackers

Wednesday, February 26
9:00am-9:30am, Moscone North, Room 134 

Just like other stock characters in the movies – the spy, the doctor, the lawyer, the cop and others – the “hacker” has become part of the cast either as a main player or as an important supporting character. The hacker has been young, old, male, female, white collar and blue collar. He’s been lawfully good and chaotically evil. In this session, Rick and Steve Winterfeld will look at how modern culture views this now stock character/skill set, and how the security community sees itself reflected in the movies that we have consumed as part of the modern zeitgeist. This presentation is part of The Sandbox, a series of immersive learning opportunities at RSA.

Operation Olympic Games Is The Tom Clancy Spy Story That Changed Everything

Friday, February 28
9:00am-10:00am, Moscone West, Room 3002

Rick will examine how the use of cyber weapons against the Iranian nuclear program changed the cyber landscape forever. In Rick’s eyes, how Operation Olympic Games deployed those weapons reads like a Tom Clancy novel, with R&D, recon, sabotage and assassination. But what the Operation caused set a milestone as important to the cybersecurity community as Aurora, T.J. Maxx and LulzSec.

Hear Rick discuss Operation Olympic Games in this RSA podcast.


If you’re a member of the press or analyst community and interested in speaking with Rick during RSA, please e-mail us. You can also find Rick on Twitter.

Visit Palo Alto Networks at Booth #3433, and head here for a full list of our RSA 2014 activities.

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