Vertical Industries Deserve 20/20 Vision

Jul 14, 2014
2 minutes

For all their differences, vertical industries such as financial services, healthcare, industrial control systems and government have remarkably similar cybersecurity challenges. Consider that customers in most or all of these markets:

  • Have custom and proprietary applications
  • Have a great need for visibility – across applications, users and content -- but struggle with how to get it
  • Have many use cases for segmenting their networks, but often don’t segment by user zones or by data or application types as they should

The good news is that when they have invested in Palo Alto Networks platforms, it’s like getting a new pair of reading glasses: what they see is not always pretty, but it is visible. From there they can make informed decisions about questionable applications running on their networks, find malicious activity that in many cases is “hiding” in plain sight, and dramatically reduce their risk posture.

Thanks to that visibility, they can realistically segment their network in line with what’s required in their specific industry. Retailers grappling with PCI compliance, for example, can segment for different sensitivity levels within the organization, for special application use for specific projects, and for control system environments to be segregated from the IT network.

All Palo Alto Networks NextWave partners are encouraged to watch our recent July SalesWave webinar recording to learn more about our approach to helping customers in industries where cybersecurity concerns are at an all time high.  If you are a NextWave reseller specializing in financial services, government, healthcare, or control systems - we’d love to talk.  Listen to the webinar and get in touch!

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