GlobalProtect: Make Your Next Move in Mobile Security

Sep 15, 2014
3 minutes

Key to our enterprise security platform is that a combination of Next-Generation Firewall, Threat Intelligence Cloud and Advanced Endpoint Protection capabilities is more powerful than any of those underlying technologies alone to protect an organization’s most valued assets.

This is plainly evident in our approach to mobile security. Today, we’re proudly announcing our latest release of GlobalProtect, designed to protect enterprise applications and data on mobile devices. GlobalProtect delivers a single, integrated infrastructure for mobile security that’s unlike anything else on the market today.

For years now, many people have thought about mobile security from the perspective of MDM alone. Traditional MDM does play a vital role for managing mobile devices, but it does not provide any enforcement of network security policy, nor does it stop mobile threats in app traffic. With no option of dealing with the risk that appears in an app, traditional MDM leaves companies with no other option than to remove entire apps. But users are frustrated when their mobile devices have less functionality or their experience changes thanks to restrictive security measures.

GlobalProtect takes an entirely different approach to mobile security. Instead of relying solely on device management, GlobalProtect applies a combination of device management and network security working hand in hand, along with cloud-based intelligence on mobile apps and threats from the cloud. This allows organizations to safely enable mobile devices by removing the risk rather than removing the function that introduces the risk. The organization can maintain a native user experience and enable BYOD without having to lock down the mobile device.

The latest release of GlobalProtect Mobile Security Manager adds a number of capabilities to protect business data and manage business apps on a mobile device. Users can now:

  • Set up enterprise application stores to push approved business applications to mobile devices through the Apple App Store, Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP), and Google Play; this helps improve enterprise security by providing policy-based controls to ensure users are only downloading those applications approved by the organization.
  • Isolate business data from personal data and prevent data movement between managed business applications and personal applications.
  • Selectively wipe managed applications, accounts, and data without affecting the user’s personal content.

If you’re ready to make your next move in mobile security, learn more about GlobalProtect by watching the Palo Alto Networks mobile security tech talk, or visit our GlobalProtect resources page to read about the technology.

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