Finally: Security Built for the Cloud

Oct 14, 2014
2 minutes

When successfully used, cloud computing makes data accessible from any device, anywhere, and completely transforms how we do business. Yet, as enterprises look to make this transformation, they’re met with significant challenges, including:

  • How to secure the growing number of applications living in public and private clouds from advanced cyber threats, consistently;
  • How to maintain enterprise-class availability; and
  • How to minimize the impact of any infrastructural changes

Today Palo Alto Networks is very excited to announce we have extended our enterprise security platform to bring next-generation security right to the public cloud – all while preserving speed and efficiency. This means your organization can fully embrace the agility and flexibility promised by public, private or hybrid cloud deployment architecture without compromising security.

Our powerful next-generation firewall is at the core of the platform. It provides the maximum level of control and security by examining 100% of the traffic flowing in and out of your cloud-based virtual data center (VDC) environments and between every application, protecting your enterprise from known and unknown cyber threats.

Palo Alto Networks is also announcing the latest milestone in our partnership with VMware. This expanded integration will enable you to apply the same rich security policies across your private and public infrastructure with consistency, whether the application is virtual, physical, on-premise or off-premise. You’ll be able to deploy Palo Alto Networks VM-series virtual firewalls to VMware vCloud Air*, an enterprise-grade public cloud service. Additionally, the VM-Series also gives you the flexibility to maintain next-generation security across a number of cloud service providers with support for cloud infrastructure providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), and support for Kernel-based Virtual machine (KVM), the popular open source hypervisor used in many other public cloud computing environments.

What it all means is that you can now apply unified security polices and advanced protection across your entire enterprise architecture -- from the Internet Gateway to throughout your data center – it’s virtual or physical, public, private or hybrid. Not only do you see reduced operating costs, but you also have the most secure data center possible.

Read more about this latest update to the Palo Alto Networks VM-Series here.

*Support for Palo Alto Networks VM-Series firewall in VMware vCloud Air public cloud service will be available in the first half of 2015.

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