Announcing GlobalProtect Support for Google Android for Work

Feb 26, 2015
2 minutes

Android is one of the most popular mobile computing platforms in the world, and mobile users today have a variety of expectations on what they want to do with their mobile device. Their personal and work lives are intermixed on the same device, a trend that will likely continue to grow as BYOD becomes more of the norm in business settings rather than the exception.

With these issues in play, there is a growing need for more granular policies – ones that are based on the security requirements for specific applications. For example, if an organization is primarily concerned about business apps, data and traffic, then could it take measures that are specific to those apps while leaving other parts of the device alone?

Google this week officially launched Android for Work to address these concerns. By using profiles that define business apps, an organization can manage and secure the business data and traffic without affecting the other parts of the device. The result is that organizations get the security they need for the material they’re concerned about, while honoring personal boundaries and privacy.

Palo Alto Networks is proud to be a Google launch partner to support Android for Work. GlobalProtect supports Android for Work by setting up a VPN tunnel for business apps in the managed profile and securing business traffic. This ensures that business policies for business apps follow users wherever they may go, and that security policies for network traffic, content inspection and threat prevention (including the ability to stop known and unknown threats) are always in place.

Learn more about GlobalProtect here.

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