Customer Spotlight: Austrian Airlines Looks to Palo Alto Networks for First-class Security Performance

Jul 22, 2015
1 minutes

Austrian Airlines is Austria's largest carrier, serving about 130 destinations worldwide and millions of passengers every year. It also operates 80 offices supporting 9,500 users, and when it came time to update its aging network -- as well as improve overall security and streamline IT management -- it embraced Palo Alto Networks Security Platform for first-class performance.

Austrian Airlines

Cybersecurity for airlines is no small matter. Austrian Airlines' network not only hosts sensitive data, but also is relied on for applications and communications that affect daily flights, maintenance and other needs, including the faster and more efficient check-in procedures sought by its customers.

I invite you to read Austrian Airlines' story in All About Security [German], and see what they have to say about Palo Alto Networks in this IT Executive article [Dutch], as well as view the full case study in English here and in German here.

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