Announcing First 35 NextWave Traps Specialized Partners

In April, we announced we were evolving our award-winning NextWave Channel Partner Program to focus on building next-generation security innovators – experts at enhancing our Next-Generation Security Platform, strengthening its value proposition for our mutual customers.

With our latest program changes, we can help our partners build sustainable breach prevention security practices that strengthen their differentiation and expertise, enabling them to develop deeper, more profitable customer relationships.

One of the ways our partners can differentiate within the NextWave Channel Partner Program is by earning the new NextWave Traps Specialization. This specialization provides the framework to develop the skills required to successfully design, sell, implement and support an advanced endpoint solution.

Our partner momentum around the NextWave Traps Specialization has been phenomenal. We are three months into the new framework and our partners are already exceeding all of our expectations with the pinnacle of this early momentum being today’s announcement of our first 35 NextWave Traps Specialized partners:

Traps Specialized Partners

Despite our early success, we are far from done. The legacy antivirus endpoint market is at a key inflection point, representing a massive transition opportunity. Together with you, our partners, we are changing the endpoint market and as a result have the opportunity to migrate the endpoint install base to threat prevention.

Sure there are other companies offering advanced endpoint, but there is only one company that offers endpoint prevention as part of the fully integrated and automated, security platform your customers need and that’s Palo Alto Networks.

We are very proud of our first 35 NextWave Traps Specialized partners and they will instantly benefit from their early adoption and the business we will drive to them. But, we need more NextWave Traps Specialized partners, because the simple fact is, antivirus can no longer protect customers from today’s advanced attacks, resulting in a massive growth opportunity.

If you are already a NextWave Partner of Palo Alto Networks, check out our new NextWave Traps Specialization page on the Partner Portal to learn more about our specialization requirements, its benefits and consider making the investment.

If you aren’t a NextWave Partner, but are interested in learning more, check out our Why Partner with Palo Alto Networks video or visit our NextWave Channel Partner Program web page.