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Aug 15, 2016
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With so much content in every direction vying for your attention, we believe that content is now required to respect the value of your time. For this reason, I’m really excited to introduce you to Info & Insights at Palo Alto Networks!

Introducing Info & Insights

We know that when you are in the process of making important purchases for your organization, you are most likely doing your own research online and through your own networks. You’re looking for educational content to help you make informed, sensible purchasing decisions. Everything else is just a distraction.

That is why the Content Marketing team here at Palo Alto Networks has been laser focused on creating market-driven, topical content designed to educate, enable and empower the cybersecurity industry.

Info & Insights, now available as a Palo Alto Networks resource, comprises a plethora of concise and educational assets that addresses industry pain-points and provides thoughtful best practices and recommendations. Rather than being focused on selling product features, the content marketing pieces you’ll find on Info & Insights are intended to build and maintain your trust in it as an information resource. Following are a few examples for your reference:

Gaining Your Trust Through Thought Leadership

At Palo Alto Networks, we believe that brand loyalty begins with awareness and trust. And trust is established through thought leadership and education. Our goal is to create lasting business relationships and offer you insightful content that respects your time.

Check out Info & Insights to learn about the latest issues and trends impacting the cybersecurity industry, and what your organization can do to help prevent security breaches and successful cyberattacks.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions, or contact me via Twitter anytime at @CicconeScott.

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