Game. Set. Match. Traps Protects Against StegBaus

Mar 06, 2017
1 minutes

Unit 42 recently described a newly discovered malicious loader called StegBaus. The nature of malware loaders like StegBaus, their use of commodity malware families, and advanced data hiding techniques make them difficult to detect and reinforces the idea that identifying these types of attacks pre-infection is more important than ever.

Palo Alto Networks Traps advanced endpoint protection can identify and block attacks like StegBaus before they can infect a system, thanks to multi-method malware prevention and unique native integration with the Palo Alto Networks WildFire threat intelligence cloud. Here’s how:

Traps Multi-Method Malware Prevention With Threat Intelligence and Machine Learning

Traps offers multi-method prevention, which is particularly effective against StegBaus and other unknown malware because of local static analysis. Local static analysis uses machine learning to analyze a file’s characteristics, without reliance on signatures, scanning or behavioral analysis; occurs within a fraction of a second; and delivers a verdict before an unknown executable can run. This occurs regardless of connection or location, whether a machine is online or offline, on- or off-premise, or connected to the organization’s network or not.

Learn more about how Traps prevents against advanced threats and zero days, like StegBaus.

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