Ignite 2017 Open Seats: Threat Research/Unit 42 Track

Ignite ’17 Security Conference is right around the corner. To get you ready for the premier security conference of the year, we’ll be spotlighting our top session each day on the blog. Register now, seats fill up quickly!

Organizations can’t defend against threats they don’t know exists, and security professionals can’t act on threat data that lacks context. Without adequate details of the who, what, where, when, and how of a cyber threat, you’re left with alerts and data that are just noise, not threat intelligence.

This year’s Ignite Threat Research/Unit 42 track sessions will give attendees valuable insight into the most pressing threats, where to find data on those attack vectors, and how to defend against them. Not only will attendees walk away from these sessions with the ability to act on threat intelligence and build their security network, the first 25 attendees to arrive at each session will receive special Unit 42 swag.

Here’s a summary of the sessions we’ve lined up for you:

  • Internet-of-Things (IoT) Threat Landscape: What to Look for Now and in the Future
    Unit 42 analysts will introduce the methods attackers are using to infect the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and strategies to establish a next-generation security posture for connected device deployments (Session #1177).
  • Mobile Malware Evolution: Profiling Attacks Against iOS and Android Devices
    The head of our mobile malware research team along with Verizon industry experts will cover the latest techniques used by attackers to infect Apple iOS and Android devices and access sensitive corporate data (Session #1178).
  • Hands-On with AutoFocus: Threat Hunting with Unit 42
    Our cybersecurity researchers will demonstrate how our AutoFocus contextual threat intelligence service makes threat hunting easy and accessible to every organization, even those strapped for security resources (Session #1175).
  • Decoding Threat Intelligence: Creating a Successful Threat Intel Program that Operationalizes Outcomes
    For those interested in establishing or enhancing their threat intelligence program, our security veterans will share how organizations can embrace a multi-pronged approach to threat intelligence and fully maximize the efficacy of their threat intelligence initiatives (Session #1174).

Check out the full list of sessions in Track 10: Threat Research/Unit 42. 

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Vancouver, BC June 12–15, 2017

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