Announcing GlobalProtect Cloud Service: Consistent Protection Delivered to Remote Networks and Mobile Users

Jun 13, 2017
3 minutes

Today at Ignite 2017 in Vancouver, we announced GlobalProtect cloud service, a new cloud-based security infrastructure managed by Palo Alto Networks that allows you to deploy consistent next-generation security to your remote networks and mobile users using Panorama management.

The old ways of thinking about perimeter security are just that: old. Organizations often have many remote locations, users are way more mobile, and commonly used applications – formerly located behind the safety of the corporate firewall – have migrated to the cloud as SaaS applications or to such infrastructure as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. GlobalProtect cloud service addresses all of these fundamental trends.

Typical approaches to securing remote networks and mobile users, such as backhauling traffic to the corporate network or using multiple point products, are difficult to manage, costly and inconsistent when it comes to security policy and protection. Years ago, we began to solve these challenges with GlobalProtect network security for endpoints, which extends the protection of next-generation security to your remote locations and mobile users. Now, GlobalProtect cloud service operationalizes the deployment of consistent security to remote locations and mobile users.

Based on the entire suite of our Next-Generation Security Platform features, GlobalProtect cloud service is managed by Panorama, allowing you to create and deploy consistent security policies across your entire organization. To consume GlobalProtect cloud service, you will use Panorama to onboard remote networks and mobile users, and then create and deploy security policies as needed.

Remote networks will connect to GlobalProtect cloud service via an on-premise IPsec VPN-capable device, or through one of our technology integration partners that support SD-WAN or IPsec VPN connectivity options. Remote networks will have protected access to corporate resources, SaaS applications and other web applications. Mobile users will utilize the GlobalProtect app on their device to connect via an IPsec or SSL VPN connection and be granted similar protected access.

GlobalProtect cloud service uses a shared ownership model in which Palo Alto Networks manages the security infrastructure, and you manage security for your remote networks and mobile users. With GlobalProtect cloud service, you can reduce the operational burden associated with deploying security to remote locations and mobile users, and move your security expenditures to a more efficient and predictable operational expense (Opex) based model – right-fit for the era of cloud.

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