Introducing Our Cloud-Based Logging Service

Jun 23, 2017
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When organizations adopt cloud-based logging, they are trying to achieve one or more of the following business outcomes, all important to cloud security posture:

  • Convert Capex to Opex
  • Reduce operational overhead
  • Improve business responsiveness
  • Create a central repository for logs

Announced this month at our Ignite 2017 conference, Palo Alto Networks Logging Service not only addresses all of the above requirements but is also:

  • Simple to activate and use. We take care of all operations of the required infrastructure, and it’s architected to seamlessly integrate with your existing Panorama. No need to learn anything new.
  • Designed to collect and store large amounts of high-value log data. It can collect petabytes of data for each of our customers. It doesn’t matter whether you have existing log collectors in-house, or if the logs are coming from firewall devices, virtual systems or another cloud service.
  • A centralized access point for data for innovative apps in the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework. Use it to build and deliver new security applications in the ever-changing threat landscape to prevent successful cyberattacks.

Logging Service is the cornerstone of Palo Alto Networks Application Framework, which provides a scalable ecosystem of security applications that can use advanced analytics in concert with Palo Alto Networks enforcement points to prevent the most advanced attacks.

Our next-generation firewalls are proven. But as adversaries innovate, we want our customers to be able to take advantage of their existing infrastructure to prevent new and never-before-seen attacks. This is what our Logging Service, in concert with Panorama, enables. Panorama’s network visibility increases manifold as it can now access cloud-based data sent by various Palo Alto Networks security offerings. Then, it’s up to the innovative security applications to decide how to use those insights to reprogram our next-generation firewalls and endpoint protections through Palo Alto Networks Application Framework.

We believe it’s not only important for a vendor to solve your operational logging challenges but also to help you use that veritable gold mine to make you safe by preventing the most advanced attacks. Our Logging Service, working with Palo Alto Networks Panorama and Application Framework, delivers exactly that.

If you are already a Palo Alto Networks customer, try out our new Logging Service and Application Framework to shore up your defenses.

To learn more about our new Logging Service and Panorama, visit:

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