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Sep 29, 2017
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We are pleased to announce the availability of our cloud-based Logging Service, which allows customers to amass large amounts of data from Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform. This new service is designed for machine learning and advanced analytics in order to correlate potential threats and prevent successful cyber breaches.

Today’s organizations require the ability to store, process and analyze as much log data as possible to obtain comprehensive visibility across their infrastructure and convert that data into actionable insights. However, traditional hardware-based log collection comes with administrative overhead and scale limitations that make otherwise useful data unwieldy or unavailable. Furthermore, utilizing stored logs across various security applications often requires complex integrations.

It shouldn’t be so difficult to manage logs, use them to correlate threats and respond to changing business needs. With Palo Alto Networks Logging Service, organizations are no longer restricted by hardware capacity to meet these business demands. Logging Service provides a centralized, scalable logging infrastructure without operational overhead, allowing customers to collect log data without local compute and storage limitations. This cloud-based service changes the economics of log data collection, making it affordable to collect and store as much data as required.

The new Logging Service is secure, fault-tolerant and easy to use. Every connection used to transmit data to the Logging Service is secured every time with certificates obtained from the cloud. Copies of each log are stored in multiple hardware machines to ensure no log is lost. Logging Service is easy to scale and eliminates the burden of capacity planning and expansion needs, which often come at short notice.

Additionally, Palo Alto Networks Application Framework, which will enable customers to rapidly consume and implement a variety of innovative, cloud-based security applications from any provider, will access and utilize valuable log data centrally via Logging Service. This new functionality will extend the capabilities of Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform without requiring additional infrastructure.

Logging Service provides the following benefits:

  • Central repository for events, traffic and security logs: Logging Service provides a cloud-based central repository for context-rich logs generated by Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform.
  • Simplified operations: Logging Service simplifies the procurement, deployment and ongoing management of storage and compute infrastructure for event, traffic and security logs, eliminating the complexity of planning and operating logging capacity.
  • Increased business responsiveness: Organizations can procure and deploy logging capacity quickly via a flexible model that allows them to be more responsive to changes in logging needs due to unforeseen business circumstances or new compliance requirements.
  • Actionable insights: As part of the Application Framework, the Logging Service lets customers use log data within new security applications to apply machine learning and advanced analytics, and can take security enforcement actions in concert with Palo Alto Networks enforcement points to prevent advanced attacks.


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