Partner Need-to-Know: Traps Specialized Compliance

Jun 09, 2017
2 minutes

Paramount to our success, we have unwavering commitment to deliver the optimal customer experience. As a channel-centric company, we must work together with our partners to deliver this experience. It is this joint pledge to our customers that is fueling the need to protect and monitor the integrity of our Traps Specialization with a compliance review in August 2017.

To date, we have been driving our more than 100 Traps Specialized partners to one global performance requirement. Based on partner feedback, we have changed to country set performance targets for our Traps Specialized compliance check. This is consistent with our NextWave Channel Partner Program and aligns our performance requirements with the total addressable market opportunity. To see the new country set performance requirements, please reference our Traps Specialized partner document, which can be found on the dedicated Traps Specialization page on our Partner Portal.

There is no better time to be a Traps Specialized partner. In the past few months, we have launched Traps v4.0, crossed the 1,000 customer milestone and are protecting more than 1 million nodes worldwide. We are in the infancy stage of a massive market transformation. There are more than 100 million nodes still being protected by legacy antivirus endpoint solutions that can no longer protect against today’s cyberattacks, let alone prevent them. You don’t want to miss out by failing to remain compliant.

To help you track your company’s compliance, including performance (bookings), capabilities (training) and business (not-for-resale gear), use the Tracker tool on the Partner Portal. Lastly, if you are a partner interested in learning more about why you should become Traps Specialized, check out this infographic.

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