Epic App-ID Is Now Live

Jul 27, 2017
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Through cooperation with Epic and some customer volunteers, we are happy to announce a new Epic App-ID that will facilitate the safe enablement of Epic application traffic on healthcare provider networks. Epic is an electronic medical record (EMR) application used by many healthcare providers to manage patient records.

Customers need to apply the content update for July 18, 2017, or later for the Epic App-ID to take effect.

Prior to the existence of the Epic App-ID, Palo Alto Networks firewalls categorized Epic CF traffic as "unknown TCP."  Epic CF traffic doesn’t run on a standard port, either. With the Epic App-ID, Epic CF traffic is automatically identified regardless of port. It’s now a lot easier for customers to safely enable Epic, without the need to create port-based policies or allow unknown TCP traffic on a set of destination ports.

Quick Tip – For the highest performance of your Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall, make sure there’s minimal traffic categorized as “unknown TCP.”

Read more about the Epic App-ID release on the Epic App-ID Live page and in our release notes for the July 18 content update.

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