Come Learn About Touchless Deployment of Secure Developer VPCs on Amazon Web Services

Oct 11, 2017
1 minutes

A key benefit of AWS is the speed with which DevOps teams can quickly prototype, modify and validate new product features or entirely new concepts. Security teams operate methodically, using best practices for security industry change control to help eliminate inadvertent outages or security holes. However, from a DevOps perspective, security change control can sometimes cause delay.

Using VM-Series and AWS automation features, combined with orchestration tools such as Jenkins, organizations can embed security features that complement native AWS security capabilities into the DevOps process, thereby minimizing project delays and moving towards a DevSecOps environment.

To learn more about how customers such as Gigamon, Inc. are minimizing security-induced delays with automation, please join AWS, Palo Alto Networks and REAN Cloud for an informative webinar.

Automating the Deployment of Secure Developed VPCs on AWS
Wednesday, October 18, 10:00-11:00 PST
Register now

Using Gigamon as a deployment example, REAN Cloud will cover:

  • Key cloud migration challenges Gigamon faced
  • How automation helped solve those challenges
  • Business benefits achieved

REAN Cloud, a NextWave partner, has built suite orchestration capabilities that leverage both VM-Series and AWS automation capabilities. Register now to learn how you can streamline the deployment of secure developer VPCs on AWS.

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