Customer Spotlight: ACI Specialty Benefits Implements Next-Generation Security

Mar 01, 2018
2 minutes

For many large and growing organizations, incorporating smaller companies and technologies into an already successful ecosystem can further enhance customer loyalty and value. Although there are numerous benefits to rapid growth via acquisition, many IT teams face the challenge of incorporating disparate legacy systems into their network infrastructure.

Such was the case with ACI Specialty Benefits – a top-ranked, global SaaS provider of employee assistance programs, student assistance programs, work-life benefits and corporate concierge services – whose growth through acquisitions led to some significant security and IT challenges.

For ACI, lack of visibility into the growing ecosystem posed new threats and rising risk levels. The company's technology team knew it had to improve security while managing costs and administrative load.

According to Ryan Fay, global chief information officer, "The technology team had no way to see only what was needed, and it was limiting the ability to scale securely while continuing to deliver a great user experience."

After evaluating a few different vendors, ACI’s technology team deployed the Palo Alto Networks® Next-Generation Security Platform, utilizing the advanced detection and prevention capabilities of WildFire™ cloud-based threat analysis service, Panorama™ network security management, URL Filtering, and GlobalProtect™ network security for endpoint and mobile user protection.

After deployment, Fay’s team saw the following results:

  • Increased network speeds by 40 percent
  • Added 50 percent more BYOD devices
  • Saved 20 percent Capex through consolidation
  • Gained an overall 40 percent ROI
  • Ensured great user experience for global workforces
  • Improved ability to secure mission-critical applications

Satisfied with Palo Alto Networks ability to enhance visibility and efficiency while meeting the ever-changing needs of a global workforce, Fay says:

"The technology team can see exactly what's happening in all of ACI's data centers. ACI can now deliver high-quality, secure and compliant employee benefit programs at scale, while avoiding the cost and complexity of managing them in-house."

Read the entire ACI Specialty Benefits Case Study to learn how Palo Alto Networks helps organizations secure their growth.

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