Keep Up with the Pace of Innovation: Updates to Palo Alto Networks ASE & PSE

The pace of innovation at Palo Alto Networks continues at a staggering rate.  Customers need and expect partner expertise to navigate the rapidly changing security landscape.

We are pleased to announce updates to our Accredited Sales Executive (ASE) and Palo Alto Networks Accredited Systems Engineer (PSE) courses and exams.

The ASE and PSE are the core of our Sales and SE onboarding and specialization enablement, and are required for all NextWave Partner Program levels.

Advance your skill level with these new enablement offerings and continue protecting our way of life in the digital age by preventing successful cyberattacks.

ASE: Foundation eLearning & Exam

  • Focused on understanding and uncovering customers' security challenges.
  • Helping Sales Executives discover opportunities.
  • Position and differentiate why Palo Alto Networks and the Security Operating Platform.
  • Go to market engagement and ensuring ongoing customer success.

ASE: Endpoint – Associate eLearning & Exam

  • Position Traps Endpoint (OnPrem & Cloud Managed) in a customer's security profile.
  • Differentiate endpoint protection and the Security Operating Platform superiority over offerings from others.
  • Now good for two years!

PSE: Foundation Instructor Led Course Data Sheet, eLearning & Exam

  • Pitch, demo and defend Palo Alto Networks evolving Security Operating Platform.
  • Incorporates the Security Operating Platform three evolutions narratives.
  • Includes introductions to our newest technologies such as Magnifier and Evident.

PSE: Platform – Associate Instructor Led Course Data Sheet, eLearning & Exam

  • Overhauled with all new content to demo, position, and evaluate a customer.
  • Focus on demonstrating the Security Operating Platform’s functionality.
  • Covers the various technologies that make up the Platform.
  • Includes full demos of the NGFW, Magnifier, Aperture and Traps.
  • Showcases new SE tools to assist with the technical pre-sales lifecycle.

PSE: Endpoint – Associate Instructor Led Course Data Sheet, eLearning & Exam

  • Pitch, demo and defend On-Prem Endpoint.
  • Introduces Traps 5.0 (Traps Management Service) cloud services deployment.
  • Now good for two years!

PSE: Public Cloud – Associate Instructor Led Course Data Sheet, eLearning & Exam

  • Deploy and demo Palo Alto Networks cloud security platform.
  • Features coverage of Azure and Google Cloud Platform, in addition to AWS.