Cloud Security Transformed - Evident and RedLock

Feb 28, 2019
2 minutes

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Today marks an important milestone in our commitment to building the most comprehensive public cloud security platform. Two pioneering products, Evident and RedLock, have been combined into one super product to offer best-in-class compliance and security for multi-cloud environments, including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Through this unification, Palo Alto Networks is now the only vendor to provide comprehensive visibility, configuration monitoring, continuous compliance assurance, and threat detection with automated remediation through a single unified product.

The complementary nature of cloud security analytics and compliance

Highly fragmented cloud environments introduce new business and security challenges:

  • Maintaining visibility and control over decentralized multi-cloud environments.
  • Managing the complexity of compliance (both regulatory and security) when apps continually change and move around.
  • Ensuring sensitive data is safely collected, stored and shared.
  • Enabling SecOps teams to rapidly respond to threats, and detect anomalous behavior.

These are non-trivial challenges and, at Palo Alto Networks, we realized that the only way to advance our mission of preventing successful cyberattacks in the public cloud was to unify the leader in cloud compliance (Evident) with the leader in security analytics and threat detection (RedLock).

Achieve better security outcomes through integration

RedLock eliminates security blind spots across AWS, Azure, and GCP by using a combination of rule-based security best practices and best in class machine learning to discover cloud resources and sensitive data in order to detect risky configurations, identify network threats, suspicious user behavior, malware, data leakage, and host vulnerabilities. The unification of Evident’s compliance capabilities into RedLock enables current and future customers to easily maintain validation of regulatory and industry compliance posture. With a single click, RedLock users can generate audit-friendly, customizable reports for CIS, NIST, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, ISO, SOC 2, and more.

This unification is only the beginning

We continue to enhance our cloud security platform with innovative, class-leading security capabilities and integrations across the broader Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform, making consistent security protections across an organization IT architecture possible.

It’s an exciting time to be a Palo Alto Networks customer. But don’t take our word for it, experience firsthand why Palo Alto Networks is the leader in public cloud security.


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