Welcome Evident.io! Here Comes Cloud Security at the Speed of DevOps

Mar 14, 2018
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Today we announced our intent to acquire Evident.io, the pioneer and a leader in public cloud infrastructure security. The Evident.io team has built a reputation for innovating for the cloud and solving tough challenges. With their know-how and technology, we will significantly expand our cloud security capabilities, helping security and DevOps teams confidently deploy applications, prevent threats, minimize the risk of data loss and continuously validate compliance.

Let’s look at why this is so important.


Multi-Cloud at Speed Becomes the Norm

Organizations are aggressively building and deploying applications across public cloud environments. Increasingly, these environments use multiple public cloud accounts and providers so that teams can accommodate varied preferences and use different strengths from the individual cloud providers. The last thing DevOps and SecOps teams want in environments like these is to add complexity – or to slow down application deployment because of lagging security tools.

As we combine Evident.io’s technology with Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform, we will add continuous monitoring of public clouds that, along with our existing secure storage capabilities, provide teams full and continuous security and compliance at the speed with which cloud environments need to operate.

With Palo Alto Networks and Evident.io:

  • Developers can deploy applications confidently, knowing the cloud is configured securely and follows industry and the organization’s best practices.
  • Teams can be confident in knowing they have automated policy enforcement and customizable compliance reports ensuring they maintain compliance (e.g., CIS, HIPAA, SOC2, PCI, NIST, ISO).
  • Teams can deliver these capabilities across accounts and public cloud providers with a unified approach for their entire cloud deployment.
  • Teams can work faster, reducing staffing challenges and closing skills gaps.

That last point is something we hear so often: as teams rapidly adopt public cloud to keep pace with business demands, their IT teams feel overwhelmed with having to add skills and reinvent processes. What’s more, many legacy security tools and techniques that work well in the traditional data center simply don’t scale to support public cloud security, or, worse, are disconnected from one another and require a lot of manual intervention to keep operating. SecOps and DevOps teams need to move forward – with a frictionless approach to securing public cloud workloads – and that’s what we can provide together with Evident.io.


Next Steps

As we join forces, Evident.io’s advanced API security and compliance reporting and validation capabilities for public clouds will combine with the advanced threat prevention and cloud DLP capabilities from Palo Alto Networks. We expect to begin integration immediately following the acquisition’s close. And along with the technology, of course, we are very excited to welcome an immensely talented team from Evident.io to Palo Alto Networks.

I invite you to watch a brief video featuring Mark McLaughlin, Mark Anderson and Evident.io’s co-founder, Tim Prendergast, as they discuss this exciting next phase for our customers.

For more on today’s announcement:


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