Prisma Cloud Helps 3-GIS Secure AWS Workloads

Apr 10, 2020
2 minutes

When the fiber network software company 3-GIS began looking for new methods of managing large software deployments, it knew it needed assistance to do it right. 

The company, which helps the telecom industry build and manage complex fiber networks, looked to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for infrastructure support, and Prisma Cloud from Palo Alto Networks to help secure AWS workloads. 

In the video below, Damion Harrylal, a solutions engineer at 3-GIS, explains why the company decided that this approach best fit its needs. 

He describes how working with Palo Alto Networks made it possible for the company to manage security seamlessly even as 3-GIS scaled up its usage of AWS. “As time went on, it grew to about a third of a business – but we still had one person running everything,” Harrylal says. 

By deploying Prisma Cloud, security and SecOps become part of a “set it and forget it” approach for 3-GIS to secure AWS workloads. 

 You can also read the video transcript.

“Being a small company, we can’t go become certified in things like ISO,” Harrylal says. He describes how working with Palo Alto Networks is particularly helpful when new regulations come out. 

See what Prisma Cloud can do to protect your AWS accounts.

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