Five Things to Know about PA-400 Series Next-Generation Firewalls

Jun 07, 2021
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We recently introduced complete Zero Trust Network Security with several industry-first innovations to secure a world where any user can work anywhere without restrictions. As businesses spread their boundaries across multiple locations, it’s important to focus on how our latest innovations can help distributed organizations like banks, hospitals, retailers and even managed security service providers (MSSP).

Large distributed enterprises with thousands of branches are subject to sophisticated attacks at every location; valuable customer data and financial transactions are prime targets for attackers. Attackers often see these smaller locations as back doors into the larger enterprises, and it’s important that every branch location is secured with the same level of enterprise security as the corporate headquarters and data centers. Finding best-in-class security in smaller form factors was a difficult proposition — until now.

Our new PA-400 Series Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) are ideal for organizations in search of the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO), but wanting the best cybersecurity possible. They offer the same world class security that our larger appliances offer, but in a small desktop form factor. This allows organizations to extend Zero Trust Network Security to their most remote locations and smallest branches with a compact size that is easy to deploy.

The PA-400 Series is the newest addition to the family of Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls.
Figure 1. The PA-400 Series is the newest addition to the family of Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls.

Here are five key things you should know about the new PA-400 Series:

  1. Amazing Performance: The PA-400 Series delivers amazing performance, enabling seamless support of on-device decryption. With 90% of enterprise traffic now encrypted, internet-connected enterprise branches need Next-Generation Firewalls that are powerful enough to see and secure encrypted traffic.
  2. Built for Distributed Enterprises: Built from the ground up with an industrial design keeping the remote distributed enterprise branch in mind. This includes:
    • Fanless Cooling – This makes it quiet (great for customer facing branches) and resilient (greatly reduces need for servicing remote branches). With no moving parts, a fanless design significantly reduces the chances of failures.
    • Dual (Redundant) Power Supplies – The top three models all support dual (redundant) power supplies so that the power supply is no longer a single point of failure.
    • Multiple Mounting Options – Desktops, wall mounts and rackmounts allow the PA-400 Series to meet the needs of different customers and branch scenarios.
  3. One NGFW Platform: The PA-400 Series enables security consolidation at branch locations. Without proper consolidation, enterprises struggle with disparate sets of security tools, trying to get them to work together. With all of our Cloud-Delivered Security Services available on the PA-400 Series, customers can consolidate all their security needs (Threat Prevention, WildFire Malware Prevention, IoT Security, DNS Security, Data Loss Prevention, Advanced URL Filtering, plus inline SaaS Security) at the branch into a single firewall platform.
  4. The Latest PAN-OS: The PA-400 Series supports our latest firewall operating system PAN-OS 10.1. This means you get all the features that were launched up to PAN-OS 10.1, including Credential Phishing Prevention and Policy Optimizer, along with the new Cloud Identity Engine feature.
  5. No More Trade-Offs: The PA-400 Series removes the need to trade-off security and cost at branch locations. It is the latest in our lineup of modern powerful Next-Generation Firewalls that protect enterprises against both known and unknown threats. And now, it is available at very competitive prices, purpose built for the distributed enterprise branches, as well as for small and medium businesses.

The PA-400 Series is available as four models: PA-460, PA-450, PA-440 and PA-410. These four models offer flexibility for a range of performance requirements. Each one supports Zero Touch Provisioning with centralized management from Panorama. This greatly simplifies management, visibility and security for distributed branches and enables uniform configuration of policies across thousands of branches.

Find out how we’re securing distributed enterprises with our PA-400 Series and other innovations, like our new PA-400 Subscription Bundles. Register for our event series, Complete Zero Trust Network Security, and get ready to secure productivity wherever it takes place.


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