Build Security Expertise from Code to Cloud at our Upcoming Global Practitioner Summit

Mar 10, 2022
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In the past (nearly) three years since Palo Alto Networks announced Prisma Cloud, we have constantly pushed the envelope when it comes to securing the cloud. As cloud technologies rapidly evolved in that short amount of time, we have set the stage for how organizations keep their cloud native applications secure.

During that period, we’ve also witnessed a shift as to who has the biggest impact when it comes to securing cloud native applications. As the lines between cloud and code are blurred, so too are the lines between security and DevOps. To help facilitate that shift, we have built Prisma Cloud with a full software lifecycle approach that is as complete as it is integrated. And with our recent announcement of Cloud Code Security, powered by our Bridgecrew acquisition, we’ve made a big leap forward to bridge the gap between cloud security, DevOps, and infrastructure engineering.

But we have a long way to go before developer-friendly security and security-friendly engineering are the norm.

That’s why we started the Code to Cloud Summit — a global security event for practitioners by practitioners. We’re bringing together our community and the experts at the intersection of security, engineering, and DevOps to talk about all things’ security—from code to cloud and everything in between.


Code to Cloud Event March 2022
Code to Cloud Event March 2022

Joining us to share their learnings and ideas are speakers, including:

  • Dr. Nicole Forsgren, Partner, Microsoft Research / Author, Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps
  • Srinath Kuruvadi, Head of Cloud Infrastructure Security, Netflix
  • Emily Freeman, Author, DevOps for Dummies
  • Ashish Rajan, Head of Security & Compliance, PageUP / Host, Cloud Security Podcast
  • Rosemary Wang, Developer Advocate, HashiCorp
  • Joylynn Kirui, Senior Cloud Security Advocate, Microsoft
  • And more!

About Code to Cloud Summit

Hosted by Bridgecrew and Prisma Cloud, Code to Cloud Summit is a free 24-hour virtual summit starting on March 23rd at 8am PT (11am ET). It is broken down into three regional sets of sessions—AMER, JAPAC and EMEA to ensure that every time zone across the globe can watch our sessions live.

Throughout the virtual DevSecOps event, attendees will hear tactical how-tos, visionary ideas and industry learnings on topics including Infrastructure as Code (IaC) security, container and Kubernetes security, supply chain security, and more.

Featured Code to Cloud Summit Keynotes, Panels, and Sessions

Register for Code to Cloud to tune in live for keynotes, panels, breakouts, lightning talks, and workshops including these highlighted sessions:

Keynote: Security + DevOps = BFF4L

Tune in to hear Dr. Nicole Forsgren, Partner, Microsoft Research, and author of Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps for our opening keynote. Based on years of experience researching and working at the intersection of security and DevOps, she will cover some key DevSecOps tips, as well as some of the latest research on the state of software security, showing why it’s so important to make security efficient and collaborative.

Panel: Where Does AppSec End and CloudSec Begin?

Our closing panel moderated by Alex Williams of The New Stack features Ashish Rajan, Head of Security & Compliance, PageUP and host of Cloud Security Podcast, Joylynn Kirui, Senior Cloud Security Advocate, Microsoft, and Srinath Kuruvadi, Head of Cloud Infrastructure Security, Netflix. Our panel of experts will explore why we need to rethink how we approach security with DevSecOps as the lines between application components and infrastructure components are blurred.

You Can’t Secure What You Can’t See: The Complexities of Supply Chain Security

During this DevSecOps virtual summit we’re also we’re putting the spotlight on one of our most exciting recent product additions — Supply Chain Security. The featured session by Guy Eisenkot, Sr. Director, Product Management, Palo Alto Networks, will cover the nuanced components of modern software supply chains and how we at Prisma Cloud approach securing them individually and collectively.

Cloud DevSecOps with AWS and Terraform

We’ll be joined by DevSecOps experts from HashiCorp and AWS for a live workshop in each region. Attendees will learn Terraform security and DevSecOps basics before diving into a workshop on all things’ security automation. From scanning for misconfigurations locally to building a fully-fledged DevSecOps workflow via GitHub Actions, this workshop is a great way to get hands on with Bridgecrew by Prisma Cloud for IaC security and more.

Check out the full agenda and speaker lineup and save your spot. Registrants will get access to these sessions live and on-demand after the live event. We hope to see you there!



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