Prisma Cloud Adds Telecommunications Security Act Compliance Framework

Apr 17, 2024
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Prisma Cloud has added the Telecommunications Security Act to its list of out-of-the-box compliance standards. With this release, public electronic communications networks and services in the UK can assess their multicloud security posture against requirements defined in the Telecommunications Security Act Code of Practice.

What Is the Telecommunications Security Act and Code of Practice?

The Telecommunications Security Act establishes rigorous standards to enhance the security and resilience of the UK's telecommunications networks and services. It requires telecom providers to manage risks and protect their networks and services from interference and unauthorized access. The act empowers regulators to assess compliance and enforce these standards, with significant penalties for noncompliance.

Under this act, the UK government developed the Telecommunications Security Act Code of Practice to strengthen the security of the UK's telecom networks and services. This legislation applies to all public electronic communications networks and services in the UK. The code of practice sets out security requirements that telecom operators and their service providers must meet. This includes guidelines for risk management, supply chain security, incident handling and resilience planning.

What Does the Telecommunications Security Act Mean for Cloud Adopters?

For telecom companies leveraging cloud infrastructure, the act emphasizes the need for a robust cloud security strategy. This includes:

  • Identifying and protecting sensitive data stored in cloud services
  • Ensuring granular control and compliance
  • Applying contextual policies for managed and unmanaged devices accessing cloud resources.

Advanced threat protection capabilities, such as multilayer threat detection and machine learning anomaly detection, are also crucial to uncover and stop advanced attacks targeting cloud environments.

Ensuring Compliance with the Telecommunications Security Act

Prisma Cloud is a Code to CloudTM security platform designed to protect multicloud environments and applications across the development lifecycle, through code, build, deploy and run. The platform consolidates security controls across cloud infrastructure, workloads, code, data, APIs and more into a single engine.

UK telecom providers can use Prisma Cloud to increase their cloud security, govern sensitive data, respond to threats and overcome compliance challenges. With the latest software release, Prisma Cloud adds the following functionality to support customers in ensuring compliance with the Telecommunications Security Act:

Cloud configuration compliance checks: Prisma Cloud provides out-of-the-box cloud configuration checks, also known as policies, that compare cloud environments against Telecommunications Security Act Code of Practice requirements. This is supported across the six largest cloud providers—AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, Alibaba and IBM Cloud.

Audit-ready compliance reporting: Prisma Cloud makes it easy for administrators to generate audit-ready compliance reports that provide a comprehensive readout of how an organization’s cloud environment meets Telecommunications Security Act guidance.

Want to see how Prisma Cloud supports the Telecommunications Security Act? Experience the Prisma Cloud interactive demo and see how you can easily check your compliance posture and generate comprehensive, easy-to-read reports.

Prisma Cloud makes it easy to comply with the Telecommunications Security Act
Prisma Cloud makes it easy to comply with the Telecommunications Security Act

Reduce Risk and Prevent Breaches Across Cloud Infrastructure

Prisma Cloud’s capabilities go well beyond compliance. The Code to Cloud platform helps telecom providers embrace the cloud confidently and securely by delivering...

Comprehensive Visibility and Control

Prisma Cloud helps uncover blind spots, prioritize risk and remediate security issues across your applications (Hosts systems, Containers, Kubernetes, Serverless and Open Source Software). The platform’s unified engine correlates risk signals across cloud infrastructure, including vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and internet exposures, to identify combinations that form critical risk and improve prioritization efforts.

Seamless Risk Prevention

Prisma Cloud integrates seamlessly with the developer ecosystem (e.g, CI/CD pipelines, code repos, IDEs) to find and fix issues earlier in the application development lifecycle. By preventing issues from reaching the cloud, engineers can spend more time focusing on application development.

Robust Runtime Protection

Prisma Cloud protects workloads and applications against attacks in near real time. With always-on protection, security teams can stop breaches in instances when vulnerabilities and misconfigurations can’t be immediately resolved.

Prisma Cloud Delivers Proven ROI

Prisma Cloud has a demonstrable impact on organizations of all types and sizes. The Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study revealed that organizations using Prisma Cloud saw a 264% ROI, as well as:

  • 80% reduction in time spent configuring and enforcing policies
  • 60% reduction in time needed to address vulnerabilities
  • 90% reduction in compliance reporting efforts

Want to know what return you would likely see when deploying Prisma Cloud? Try this interactive ROI calculator.

Learn More

The Telecommunications Security Act Code of Practice is something all public electronic communications networks and services in the UK have to adhere to. To see how Prisma Cloud can help your organization ensure compliance, check out our interactive demo. If you’d like to see how Prisma Cloud can help you achieve better outcomes with your overall cloud security strategy, please request a 30 day trial.





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