Protect Your Identity with Zero Trust: Palo Alto Networks at Oktane22

Nov 21, 2022
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What a thrill to be back in person at Oktane22 in San Francisco earlier this month! It was a treat to get to connect with attendees face-to-face about identity-based security and its role in the Zero Trust journey. After three days exploring identity as a business accelerator, I think it’s safe to say: Identity is more important than ever.

If you didn’t get to join us, here’s a peek into our time at Okta’s identity event of the year.

A Practical Approach to Identity-Based Zero Trust Deployments

The philosophy of Zero Trust for identity is important, but how do you actually go about implementing it? In his fantastic breakout session, Imran Bashir, Director of Technical Product Management at Palo Alto Networks, showcased a practical approach to enforcing Zero Trust principles for identity.

He explained that identity is leading many Zero Trust initiatives due to the rapid onset of hybrid and remote work. This shift is only making it harder to keep security and identity connected between cloud, campus, data center, and hybrid identity stores. But Imran had good news: This doesn’t mean security has to be complex thanks to the strategic partnership between Palo Alto Networks and Okta.

“Forget configuring hundreds of firewalls,” Imran said. “Just configure once in the cloud to start getting complete protection for Zero Trust for identity.” He also explained how we improve the secure admin access by introducing a service account connection between CIE (Cloud Identity Engine) and Okta, helping customers leverage Okta and Palo Alto Networks Prisma SASE seamlessly.

He stepped in front of the camera to explain more.


We also caught up with Pam Cyr, VP of Technical Partnerships, to learn more about how Palo Alto Networks and Okta work together to secure identity—a key pillar of a Zero Trust posture—and fresh innovations that may be on the horizon.

Enabling Secure Identity for Zero Trust with Palo Alto Networks and Okta

Zero Trust is a journey, and as with any great quest, collaboration is critical to getting where you want to go as simply and efficiently as possible. At our booth, the power of the Palo Alto Networks and Okta partnership was on full display.

Together, Palo Alto Networks and Okta enable Zero Trust with comprehensive, streamlined identity security. Our joint solutions help enterprises identify gaps in identity access management (IAM) and strengthen your current efforts so you can validate identity to secure your users, applications, and infrastructure, creating a strong foundation on which you can continue to build a Zero Trust architecture.

The Cloud Identity Engine (CIE) app—which integrates with Okta—is one such tool. It is a cloud-based architecture for identity-based security that can consistently authenticate and authorize your users, regardless of location and where user identity stores live—on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid.

Attendees who stopped by our booth also got to experience demos of other key solutions for Secure Identity, including Prisma Access. It integrates with Okta SSO to drive identity-based access controls to applications while maintaining full visibility and inspection of network traffic.

How do I learn more about Palo Alto Networks and Okta integrations for Secure Identity?

Palo Alto Networks at Oktane22: A Wrap-Up

We loved getting to connect with everyone and showcase some of our Secure Identity solutions at our booth.

Identity is as personal as it gets, and it was an honor to get to talk with friends and customers about how we’re working to ensure your identity stays yours with Zero Trust.

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