Deploy, Manage and Optimize Your Prisma Access Investment

Nov 17, 2020
2 minutes

Palo Alto Networks’ Global Customer Services (GCS) organization gives Prisma Access customers the confidence needed to ensure the best security outcomes. Global expansion, mobile workforces, and cloud computing are changing the ways organizations implement and deploy applications. This is even more important in today’s world. Prisma Access allows users to safely access cloud and datacenter applications whether they’re working on the go, at home, or at the office.  

Our services have improved to enable faster time-to-value on Prisma Access investments. These benefits include improved security and operation, expedited deployment and implementation and a complete guided product journey. The following four capabilities have been added to support Prisma Access deployments:

  1. Customer Success Plans 
    1. Standard Customer Success is included with each subscription and provides customers with access to self-guided materials and online support tools.
    2. Premium Customer Success includes 24x7 technical support and continual guidance from the Customer Success team, providing onboarding oversight, knowledge transfer and operational excellence. Cybersecurity experts are available for around the clock assistance, providing the highest possible security value from your Prisma Access investment. 
  2. QuickStart Services have been updated to match the new Prisma Access packaging options. QuickStart Services helps customers deploy and adopt Prisma Access. This enables reduced risk, accelerated time to value and enables a confident deployment of Prisma Access. 
  3. Best Practice Assessment (BPA) - BPA is a free tool to help customers align and adhere to best practices for Prisma Access. A version of BPA for Prisma Access (coming December 2020) will be available to help improve security capability adoption and create a more secure environment. 
  4. Education Services - There are a number of educational services offerings for Prisma Access. The instructor-led training course for Prisma Access provides all the necessary technical details for operating and managing Prisma Access. Prisma Access SASE Security digital online training is also available in the Beacon Learning Center

These new Prisma Access GCS offerings give Palo Alto Networks the ability to support customers and ensure that we are continuing to secure the customer experience. Learn more about Prisma Access and read the latest announcement on our new pricing and packaging model.

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