You vibe with SASE now—but are you ready for a long-term relationship?

Dec 05, 2023
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The modern digital landscape is ever-evolving. This means that you don’t only need a robust approach to your security, but you must also be able to adapt it to dynamic networking environments. This is where secure access service edge (SASE) comes into play, offering a unified approach to networking and security.

Let’s take a look at the reasons to embrace SASE and how it can safeguard your business now and in the long term.

The appeal of SASE

There’s no doubt that SASE is becoming the go-to solution for future-proofing business networks by converging networking and security services into a unified, cloud-based architecture.

SASE effectively mitigates many of the more pressing challenges your business needs to address, such as secure access to applications and resources regardless of their location, consistent security policies, and simplified network management.

However, you also need a solution to adapt and scale over time to support the needs of your business as they evolve. With SASE, you also acquire much-needed scalability and flexibility and stand to enhance your security posture—while enabling ongoing digital transformation. So yes. Vibing now. And building a relationship to last.

With that said, SASE is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Getting the most from it takes the right input and communication. Creating a solution that is future-proof means establishing some shared goals and desired outcomes upfront.

Achieve your SASE relationship goals with managed services

Implementing SASE can be complex: it requires careful planning, coordination, and implementation across various components, such as cloud-based security, software-defined networking, zero-trust architecture, and identity management. There are also many questions to be addressed: how will the existing infrastructure be appropriately assessed? Are the right security policies already in place? How will compatibility with different platforms and applications be assured? Are network scalability and performance fully considered in the deployment?

When leveraging the expertise of managed service providers—which is where a partnership between CBTS and Palo Alto Networks® can add value—you alleviate all sorts of challenges. You bridge critical skills gaps and gain access to the ongoing support and guidance you need to ensure not just the ideal implementation but the continued success of your SASE investment over time.

By choosing CBTS and Palo Alto Networks, you get a comprehensive and secure SASE solution without burdening internal resources—enabling you to focus on your core objectives while leaving the complexities of network security to trusted professionals.

Balance simplicity with resilience

Finding that sweet spot that balances strong security measures with streamlined operations means an enhanced security posture that doesn’t impact operational effectiveness or drain strategic resources. CBTS and Palo Alto Networks address this challenge through our combined expertise.

Palo Alto Networks Prisma® SASE combines cloud-delivered security and next-gen SD-WAN into a unified solution to secure all apps and users irrespective of their location.

Prisma SASE consolidates multiple point products, including ZTNA, cloud SWG, cloud access security broker (CASB), Firewall as a Service (FWaaS), and SD-WAN, making it easy for organizations to reduce the fragmentation of security and networking tools.

This future-proof solution allows for integrating new technologies and provides scalable deployments. It provides a secure and flexible network environment and ensures you don’t have to choose between delivering optimal security or an ideal user experience.

Mitigating risk and helping ensure compliance

Cybersecurity is a continuous process requiring constant vigilance, awareness, and a proactive approach. Part of the attraction of SASE is that it deploys new configurations all the time, which empowers you to stay compliant with your security policies and resilient.

With Prisma SASE, you get protection. In addition to the obvious benefit of simplified management, one additional attribute is the ability to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) across your security, networking, and user experience management, all unified from the same data lake.

Only then can you benefit from a deeper level of defense and the rapid response to emerging threats for true protection. The round-the-clock support provided by CBTS and Palo Alto Networks drives more proactive risk mitigation and ensures a secure environment you can trust.

Future-proof the security of your business with managed SASE

SASE represents the future of network security, offering you a comprehensive and future-proof solution that shouldn’t lose its appeal in a hurry. But you might need a helping hand along the way.

By choosing CBTS and Palo Alto Networks, you can gain a comprehensive suite of products and industry-leading support. You’ll get a SASE solution tailored to your needs, offering network management transformation, strengthened security posture, and reduced costs and complexity.

With the flexibility to integrate new solutions and scale effortlessly, you can smoothly adapt to evolving conditions, protecting your business in the long term while allowing you to focus on key outcomes, reduce risk, and ensure availability.

To find out how to ensure the best possible position to navigate the complexities of SASE adoption and make sure you can unlock its transformative benefits, contact CBTS.


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