Cortex XSOAR Marketplace’s Top Contributors for January — March 2022!

Apr 15, 2022
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Cortex XSOAR is proud to hold the most innovative and comprehensive SOAR Marketplace in the security space. With more than 850 content packs, security teams can choose and connect many different products for the ideal autonomous SOC in their wholly unique environment. What makes the XSOAR Marketplace shine bright is the diversity among its contributors. From Core R&D, customer facing teams, hundreds of our partner companies, and the community, the XSOAR Marketplace has many people to thank. But there’s a specific group that we feel doesn’t get enough recognition.

We would like to take a moment to recognize and appreciate all of the individual contributors that work to make the Marketplace better and more diverse. Whether it’s submitting documentation fixes or entire content packs, there are many individuals who work hard to keep our Marketplace packs top-notch. Without further ado, here are the top 3 contributors for the beginning of 2022!

  1. Ali Sawyer

Ali is a Customer Success Engineer here at Cortex who contributes steadily and relentlessly. She leaves no pack untended, and we want to acknowledge her contributions on the packs for Microsoft Teams, AWS EC2, Slack, and CrowdStrike Falcon.
Check out her GitHub profile here.

  1. Masahiko Inoue

Masahiko-san is a Solutions Architect for Cortex who simplifies complex Playbooks for his customers using automation and transformers. This last quarter, he added a feature to the TAXII Server pack, enabling conversion from STIX Cyber Observable Objects into Indicator STIX Domain Objects so the Microsoft Azure Sentinel TAXII Connector can feed indicators directly into the platform.
Check out his GitHub profile here.

  1. Ayman Mahmoud

Ayman is a Solutions Architect for Cortex who dives into complex material and code without hesitation. He prioritizes his newly on-boarded customers but still finds time for the whole of the marketplace! Ayman has many contributions from this last quarter, including creating and adding to the F5 LTM pack and Camlytics packs along with fixing out of the box Playbooks in the Ansible Tower pack and more.
Check out his GitHub profile here.

Thank you so much to Ali, Masahiko-san, and Ayman for all of their contributions these last few months!

To see all of our incredible contributors, please check the Top Contributor Page. Interested in impacting the Marketplace? Take a look at our open issues.

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