Cortex XSOAR Marketplace’s Top Contributors for April June 2022!

Jul 21, 2022
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Cortex XSOAR is proud to run the most innovative and comprehensive SOAR Marketplace in the security space. With more than 880 content packs to choose from, security teams can connect products based on their unique environments for the ideal autonomous SOC. Of course, the XSOAR Marketplace could not shine as brightly without the diversity of its contributors. From Core R&D and customer-facing teams to all of our partner companies and especially the community, so many people have taken time to make our Marketplace robust and varied. 

We would like to take a moment to recognize and appreciate all of the individual contributors that work to make the Marketplace better and more diverse. Whether submitting documentation fixes or entire content packs, many individuals work hard to keep our Marketplace  top-notch.

Without further ado, we would like to countdown the top three contributors for the second quarter of 2022!


  1. Sander Zumbrink

Sander is a long-time XSOAR customer with a programming background that goes a long way. He wanted to fine tune the mirroring of tickets between XSOAR and TopDesk ITSM solution, so he rolled up his sleeves and did it on his own. He even went the extra mile to ensure it followed all of the Cortex XSOAR code and security standards, so it could join the ever-growing content repository as an XSOAR Supported pack.

Check out his GitHub profile.


  1. Michael Rizzo

Michael is a Principal Professional Services Consultant for Cortex who simplifies complex workflows for our customers using automation. This last quarter, he revamped one of our most-used use case packs, Email Communication, and added highly requested features like supporting email threads, supporting sending emails, and much more. He also implemented the management of Office 365 Tenant Allow/Block Lists feature within EWS Extension Online Powershell v2.

Check out his GitHub profile.


  1. Adam Baumeister

Adam is a Global Cortex Architect located Down Under, in Australia. He dives into complex material and code without hesitation, utilizing tools from all across Palo Alto Networks. He made a tremendous impact in scaling the PAN-OS pack to work with our largest customer deployments and promoting various XSOAR Use Cases throughout all regions to inform customers on the different ways XSOAR can protect their environment.

Check out his GitHub profile.


Thank you so much to Sander, Mike, and Adam for all of their contributions these last few months!

To see all of our incredible contributors, please check the Top Contributor Page. Interested in impacting the Marketplace? Take a look at our open issues.

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