Manage Your Content Lifecycle with XSOAR CI/CD

Feb 17, 2022
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We know that security operations and incident response teams can get bogged down with repetitive and fatigue-inducing tasks. Security teams should be empowered with automation tools that free up their time so that they can focus on more strategic initiatives.

XSOAR is all about automation. It takes repetitive tasks away from the analyst and frees up their time to perform deeper investigations. To make it easy for SOC teams to have the best experience with XSOAR, we share our automation scripts, playbooks and other content artifacts. Plus, our content is tested, staged and distributed by automation. 

We have an ever-growing content repository that is shared across our customer base. This allows us to create a useful knowledge base and build flexible, customizable tools for all.

What’s the XSOAR CI/CD?

On January 1st, 2022, we announced the release of the XSOAR CI/CD with the ability to leverage GIT capabilities within Cortex XSOAR. The CI/CD process helps you develop and maintain your custom content using the full functionality of a Git repository, enabling you to run unit tests, code reviews, run test playbooks and stage your content before deploying it to a production environment. 

Combining XSOAR and CI/CD allows you to:

  • Manage your custom code lifecycle to support development best practices
  • Control your code base with a multi-branch approach
  • Use CI/CD solutions as part of your code lifecycle 
  • Automate the testing, staging and deployment of your custom code

Who is it meant for?

XSOR CI/CD solution is relevant for advanced customers that:

  • Develop extensive custom content
  • Have multiple developers working on Cortex XSOAR custom content
  • Familiar with CI/CD concepts


Example of Content Management Job
Example of Content Management Job

The XSOAR CI/CD Content Pack includes the Configuration Setup playbook, the configuration setup layout, incident fields and automations. The playbook can also run via a job or manually. It fetches the configuration file and loads the contents to the machine. It downloads, and installs the custom content packs and configures lists and jobs if part of the content packs.

With XSOAR CI/CD we know that our customers can manage their custom code lifecycle to support development best practices better. This new feature is available in our XSOAR Marketplace. 

Intrigued? Want to know more about incorporating CI/CD principles? Go check it out for yourself!  Download our free 30-day trial of Cortex XSOAR and you can find the XSOAR CI/CD pack in the XSOAR Marketplace.  


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