Security without boundaries
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The boundaries of the network perimeter are shifting – there’s no longer a single, defensible boundary between a company’s internal assets and the outside world. Users connect from anywhere to data and applications delivered from anywhere. The disjointed, disconnected approach to securing the perimeter no longer works. That’s why Palo Alto Networks delivers integrated capabilities for everything from DNS protection to URL filtering and intrusion prevention on our Next-Generation Firewalls.
Uncover hidden threats rapidly
Assess the scope and severity of an attack accurately to turn threat hunting discoveries into automated detection.
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What it means for you
Our network perimeter security strategy offers integrated capabilities, so you can:
Gain complete visibility into applications, users and threats
Safely enable applications across all ports, for all users, all the time
Enable users to access only the resources they need
Secure encrypted traffic
Automate threat protection
Gain zero-day malware protection
Why choose Palo Alto Networks
Palo Alto Networks simplifies the deployment of security across your network perimeter with integrated innovations like zero-day malware prevention and DNS security. When you choose Palo Alto Networks to secure your network perimeter, you get:
Unmatched threat prevention and response Identify threats with advanced analysis, machine learning, shared intelligence and automated protections to stay ahead of attackers.
Easier security deployment Deploying the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall happens once and security services are delivered as subscriptions from the cloud. Simply turn on additional security capabilities as you need them, without having to deploy additional hardware or stand-alone solutions.
Consistent security across your network Protect your workloads, data and users with the same, consistent security policies across your data center, headquarters, branch offices and mobile users. Manage security for all locations centrally.
Simpler management of policies across your environment Radically simplify your rules administration through application and user-based policy, enabling your staff to focus on higher-level business priorities.
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