The integration of NSX SD-WAN and Palo Alto Networks provides the performance and security needed for enterprise and cloud applications utilizing over-the-internet and hybrid WAN while simplifying deployments and reducing costs.

Protect your NSX SD-WAN deployment using GlobalProtect cloud service

GlobalProtect™ cloud service extends and operationalizes Palo Alto Networks® Security Operating Platform, bringing protection to your remote networks and mobile users through a cloud-based security infrastructure managed by Palo Alto Networks. GlobalProtect cloud service is administered by Panorama™ network security management, allowing customers to create and deploy consistent security policies across their organizations. One-click service insertion capabilities provided by the NSX SD-WAN business policy framework reduce complexity and align business policies with application needs. Forward traffic from many branches to GlobalProtect cloud service, and route through one of the NSX SD-WAN Gateways


Protect your NSX SD-WAN deployment using the VM-Series

Service providers and large enterprise customers can easily deploy VM-Series virtualized next-generation firewalls on the NSX SD-WAN Edge and manage them from Panorama. The VM-Series can be inserted on the NSX SD-WAN Edge from the branch with the click of a button, using zero-touch operations delivered via the NSX SD-WAN Orchestrator. NSX SD-WAN service-chains traffic from the branch to both cloudbased and enterprise regional hub services, providing robust performance, optimized security and expert manageability. Customers can eliminate additional devices deployed at branch locations, reducing their footprint. NSX SD-WAN Orchestrator simplifies operations by enabling bootstrapping of the VM-Series.



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